Artistic beauty and unparreled elegance are designed into every Home Innovations TEMO Sunroom.
For those unique situations where you already have an existing roof, Home Innovations can add our state-of-the-art wall systems underneath and you can have your own custom-designed sunroom.
Simply stated, TEMO sunrooms are beyond compare for quality and design. That's why we offer an industry-exclusive lifetime transferable warranty.
A Lasting Beauty
Ultra Lattice is formed of aluminum that is 30 percent thicker than out compteitor's. It's also coated with Kynar 500 - an ultra-tough, stain resistant resin that withstands the rigors of time and nature like no other finish. In fact, architects around the world specify Kynar 500 for high-end residential and commercial construction, such as Las Vegas' Rio Hotel. The carbon/fluoride bond that is the basis of Kynar is the strongest chemical known to man and provides the durability and aesthetic qualities that designers demand.
Why Do I Need LeafSlugger®?
Clogged gutters can cause major problems for your home. As water backs up, it can flow behind the gutters saturating your fascia board and trapping moisture. Over time this moisture will potentially result in rot, mold and mildew. Protect your home with the new innovative gutter guards gutter protection system from LeafSlugger®. Your home is a big investment and we all want to protect our investments. LeafSlugger® is a no nonsense Gutter Protection System that makes the latest technology available to you in a simple and easy form. Our System is so straightforward, it’s the obvious choice. Save time, money and protect your home and family with the LeafSlugger® Gutter Protection System. Click Here